Monday, 21 May 2018

This week's Top Movies on the Telly

Slow West - (Film Four Monday 21st May 23:20)
Written and directed by John M.Maclean this old school Western features some impressive performances from a stellar cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Ben Mendehlson and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Visually stunning with a haunting tone, this may be worth a look especially for fans of the genre.
Pulp Fiction - (Film Four  Tuesday 22nd May 21:00)
Hard to believe that this film is now 24 years old but any opportunity to view Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece again should not be passed up! A career resurrecting turn from John Travolta along with incredible performances from Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis along with a razor sharp script and a kick ass soundtrack makes this film one that can be enjoyed over and over again!

The Blues Brothers(ITV4 Friday 25th May 00:00)
Another chance to catch this timeless classic which contains arguably the greatest soundtrack ever produced for a motion picture. Farcical to the highest degree and helped by a formidable cast this is one worth viewing over and over again. May be one for the Sky+ however as it kicks off in the early hours. Classic!

Review: Deadpool 2 - A sequel to please the die hard fans and maybe earn a few new ones!

Two years after the blockbuster smash that was Deadpool, the highly anticipated sequel posed many questions to it's eager audience prior to it's release. Would the sequel hold the same charm and appeal now that the element of surprise of the first film had been removed? Would the endless gags grow tiresome or would the the sharpness and quick wit delivery and charisma of Ryan Reynolds hold up to another outing? What would Josh Brolin, in what until recently, would be a vast role change bring to the production?
On departing Tralee Omniplex at the end of it's screening I'm pleased to report that all fears were unfounded and Deadpool 2 delivers once again for what is sure to be record box office crowds in it's own unique and highly entertaining way!
Deadpool 2 again follows the exploits of foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds who brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-travelling mutant, Cable (Josh Brolin).
All the ingredients of the first film that worked so well are here to enjoy once again in Deadpool 2. The breaking of the fourth wall, the vulgarity and hilarity, the queasy violence and stunning visual effects make up all that is great about this film and like all good sequels, it  has those extra elements added with the new characters and awesome set pieces elevating this movie to a higher level that is bound to please all fans of the first film and may gather a few new ones along the way.
It does come with a warning however, some scenes are extremely graphic and it may not be a film for everyone but fans of the franchise and highly entertaining blockbusters will love it and immediately start counting the days until Deadpool 3.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Josh Brolin - King of the Summer Blockbuster 2018

For those few that are not Josh Brolin fans, cinema theatres this summer may not be the place for you! Following on from his powerful performance as the mighty Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War, audiences are soon to see Brolin conquer the summer blockbuster market in Deadpool 2 in which he plays Cable and he also returns to his role as Matt Graver in the Sicario: Day of the Soldado, the sequel to Denis Villeneuve's critical and box office hit, making it three potential high grossing movies that will feature the California native.
It's been an interesting journey for Brolin, who after success with Goonies, spent the next twenty years threading the boards, featuring in a lot of low key rather underwhelming TV and feature films before 2007 saw him explode on to our screens again as Planet Terror, No Country for Old Men and American Gangster announced the arrival of Brolin:Part 2.
In the years to follow Brolins work tended to fluctuate critically and commercially as he often followed the very good - Milk (a role for which he was Oscar nominated), W., True Grit, Hail Caesar with the very bad - Men in Black 3, Labour Day, Oldboy and Gangster Squad to name a few.
His no nonsense demeanour and incredible range has always made him one of Hollywood's consistent and at times underrated actors and this transition to box office stalwart and popcorn cinema idol is one that can only benefit the viewing public.
With a sequel to Avengers:Infinity War on the way and the movie X-Force in production with Brolin again reprising his role as Cable, this box office giant isn't going anywhere anytime soon so non believers may have to spend the next few summers avoiding the local omniplex as we are just now witnessing the box office re-birth of Brolin and I for one, can't wait!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Our Village is Our Screen - Schulls's Fastnet Short Film Festival packed with quality programming to celebrate it's 10th year!

Beginning on the 23rd and running until 27th May, the Fastnet Short Film Festival celebrates it's 10th year in operation with an quality filled programme of short and feature films as well as lots of incredible events for all ages!
With over 200 films screened over the 5 days there is something for everyone at this prestigious event with some incredible film and interesting guest speakers on show throughout.
Strong feature films such as Michael Inside, Black 47, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Noble, The Breadwinner and Breakfast on Pluto as well as some excellent Q&A's with such renowned film figures such as Jim Sheridan, Lenny Abrahamson, Frank Berry and Nick Kelly together with a collection of exceptional short films will undoubtedly make this picturesque village in West Cork the place to be come the 23rd May.
Workshops featuring the likes of casting director Maureen Hughes and stunt actor Peter Dillon are among the long list of exclusive events available over the five day festival.
Younger members of the audience are also adequately catered for with The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, a live band and fancy dress extravaganza among the many events over the course of what seems to be a film festival that simply goes from strength to strength.
With lots of events free of charge and more heavily subsidised there is no reason not to get yourself to West Cork on May 23rd to enjoy what promises to be another superb Fastnet Film Festival.
For further details on all events please check or download the festival programme here

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tralee Omniplex Tuesday Treat - What movie deserves your €6 this week?

There are no less that four new releases for viewers to choose from for this weeks Tuesday Treat at Tralee Omniplex. A big budget superhero movie, a tense thriller, a hilarious comedy and an animated family feature are what's on offer. Something for everybody this week at Tralee Omniplex  with all shows today just €6!

Breaking In
V for Vendetta director James McTeigue serves up the anti-Panic Room feature as Gabrielle Union stars as the mother that will stop at nothing to rescue her two children being held hostage in a house designed with impenetrable security. Should be interesting!

Deadpool 2
Highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 box office hit with Ryan Reynolds returning as the wise cracking Deadpool with the added bonus of Josh Brolin as the formidable Cable. This is sure to be another rollercoaster ride that will undoubtedly light up the

Life of the Party
Melissa McCarthy returns with a "back to school" type comedy written and directed by real life husband Ben Falcone in a film that has been earning favourable reviews and may not be the worst choice of film this week! Read my full review here

Sherlock Gnomes
A star studded cast add their voices to this John Stevenson directed animated feature that whilst may not earn the same plaudits as the likes of Peter Rabbit should have enough in it to keep kids of all ages entertained!

Monday, 14 May 2018

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Saving Private Ryan - (Sky One Monday 14th May 21:00)
Realistic and redefining war feature from iconic director Steven Spielberg, complete with yet another incredible Tom Hanks performance, this 1998 production is both a visual and emotional masterpiece and once that needs to be revisited from time to time to remind us how powerful the medium of film can be!

Singin in the Rain - (TCM  Wednesday 16th May 09:30)
Another chance to see a bona fide classic as Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds combine to deliver simply Hollywood's best ever musical in a film that is brimful of humour, energy and classic tunes this definitely gets categorised under the mandatory repeated viewing file!

Sherlock Holmes - (TCM Thursday 17th May 20:00)
Guy Ritchie adds his own unique touch to the legendary detective in a film that benefits from his original style and two strong performances from the lead actors Jude Law and the ever impressive Robert Downey Jnr in a role he was born to play as Sherlock Holmes. Highly entertaining!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Review: Life of the Party - Cheesy yet charming comedy with Melissa McCarthy on top form!

After Deanna Miles (Melissa McCarthy) gets a divorce from her husband Dan (Matt Walsh) and decides to go back to college, she ends up in her daughter's class who's not comfortable on the idea. Deanna, now known as Dee Rock, plunges head first into the campus experience and embraces college life on her own terms and finds her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.
In what is their third collaboration together, Life of the Party (The Boss and Tammy being the other two) sees husband and and wife team of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy pen this familiar "back to school" tale with Falcone also taking on directorial duties.
Rather snobishly panned by the critics on first view, this feature does have numerous pitfalls throughout with cliches and sentiment being two of the chief ingredients in this comfortable cheesy comedy. It is however, very funny in parts also and sees Melissa McCarthy in fine form and unlike many other Hollywood comedies not having to gross out humour for laughs.
The whole production is held together magnificently by a wonderful central performance from  McCarthy who's likability and charm runs through the whole film.
The strong ensemble comedic cast also add their considerable talents to this feature with the always dependable Maya Rudolph, Matt Walsh and Gillian Jacobs certainly enriching the movie with their efforts.
Their is one extremely low point however, towards the end of the film and whilst not giving too much away plot wise, an ill advised cameo almost derails the whole production with the film sinking to farcical levels of cheese that makes you almost forget the good scenes that have preceded it!
Overall, as formulaic and safe as this movie may be it is the heart and charm that permeate through it along with a lot of gags that hit the mark (and many that don't) that will ensure a snappy ninety minutes of entertainment for those who are willing to leave their brains at the door and enjoy this movie for what it is - an entertaining non-taxing and charming comedy!